Putting Gate


Putting GateTM is a versatile putting training tool that can be used on it’s own or used in combination with our other putting training aids.

  • Using 1 Putting GateTM, simply place the Putting GateTM into the ground a foot in front of your ball placement ready to putt.  Ensure you putt through the gate to assist with alignment.
  • Using both gates, place 1 gate a foot in front of your set up ball ready to putt.  Place the other a foot away from the putting hole.  Putt through both gates.
  • To assist with alignment of your Putting GateTM we have added an indentation at the top of the gates to allow for an alignment stick to be rested on top of both gates at each end.  This will give you clearer guidance on your set up and alignment to your putting.  Please note, the alignment stick is not included in the purchase of this product.  This option can be used by placing your Putting GateTM in front of your ball placement as explained above or place 1 gate behind your setup and 1 in front to help guide your putter to form a straight stroke along the alignment stick and through the Putting GateTM
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