The golf club consists of three major parts: head, shaft, and grip.

A more accurate and stable ballistic trajectory and flight distance will occur in a state where all these parts are in harmony and each of them can fulfill each role 100%.

However, with players who are committed to heads and shafts, players who choose clubs often do not care much about grip selection.

The development attitude of the manufacturer is also similar, and compared with the development weight of the head and shaft, the grip is only about 1 to 1.5% of the manufacturing process, and the development budget has also been suppressed to the same extent.

 Iomic had a great interest in the torque (twist) of the grip occurring at the time of impact. Torque is a numerical value representing “twist” of an object; the higher this value, the higher the degree of twist.

Traditionally golfers and developers have known that torque is present in the shaft, which greatly affects the direction of the ball, the degree of trapping, and ball flight, but so far no manufacturer had been focusing on the torque of the grip.

The grip industry has overlooked this challenge, and Iomic grips was born.

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